A06 Kobayashi Ryu Karate Do


Kobayashi Ryu is the form of Shorin Ryu (small forest) style of  karate that is associated with the name of Choshin Chibana Sensei, 1885 – 1969. Choshin Chibana Sensei was the last of the great masters of the Golden Age of karate, and one of the few to survive WWII. (Continues below).

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…Apart from bring a flawless technician and a man of good manners who spoke well in public, his influence on modern Okinawan karate was immense. His students included Yuchoku Higa, the uncle of Minoru Higa 10th Dan Hanshi, and many other notable karateka. It is fair to say that his influence on Shorin Ryu karate was profound, and for this he was recognized by his Emperor with the Order of the Sacred Treasure.

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Gyosho, Kaisho


very red, traditional Japanese gold, jet black, platinum white, gold luster, silver luster, blue, navy blue, midnight blue, brown.


Left Chest, Lower Lapel, Belt