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Our company was formed in London 54 years ago to import authentic martial arts supplies from Japan. Since the formation of our publications unit in 1979, we have also published instructional books by the most talented karate instructors in the world.

In 1983, we opened our office in Southern California to supply American corporate customers initially. However, as we grew, we added more individual martial artists customers who understood the value of our products to their training! In 1994, with Jones Intercable, a prominent American Cable TV company, we created a production company that made over forty broadcast-quality karate training videos with instructors as famous as Morio Higaonna, Shinyu Gushi, Shinpo Matayoshi, etc.

Today, our goal is the same as when we started; to provide the best quality, most authentic martial arts equipment at the most reasonable price backed by a truly superior service.

Professional equipment for serious karateka!

Professional equipment for serious karateka!

We are the people you need to be doing business with if you aspire to excellence.

Our Business  Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy

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Dining Experience

Dining Experience

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Our Values

Our Values

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