Application Form-Spring Seminars 2022

Seminar Application Form
Please select the event you wish to attend and disregard irrelevant questions.

Please complete this application and submit it so that we can produce an exact cost and detailed itinerary for you. There is no obligation on your part, this information is required only so we can be as accurate and detailed with the information that we send you as possible. If you have medical, dietary or other special requirements, please let us know as soon as possible so we can to comply with legal and other restrictions that might apply. For example, if you have medications you need to inject, you cannot carry them or “sharps” onto the plane. Therefore we we need to make arrangements with the airline well in advance, and they will bring them to you in flight as and when they are required.Of course, any information you provide us with is shared on an “as needed” basis, only the relevant parties. If you are a dojo or association group, please contact us by telephone so we can get more details. We cannot guarantee in every case, but in the past we have occasionally been able to get grants from various offices of the Okinawan Prefectural Governments for group visits. You can reach us at 818 889 3856.