Butokukai Embroidery


The Dai Nippon Butokukai was formed in the early years of the Meiji Era (1895 ) to preserve the traditional martial virtues of Feudal Japan for the new, and modern Imperial Japanese Empire that was ruled by a Constitutional monarch, the Emperor. It came to an end in the years following Japan’s surrender after WWII because of its close relationship with the pre-war government.

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“BUTOKUKAI”… available in calligraphy styles Kaisho and Gyosho. As with most designs this can be embroidered on the left chest, or on the lower lapel of the jacket above the manufacturer’s label. The Butokukai was closed at the cessation of WWII in 1946 by the United States GHQ in Japan.

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Gyosho, Kaisho


Black, Japanese Gold, Red, White, Gold Luster, Silver Luster, Navy Blue, Midnight Blue, Brown


Left Chest, Lower Lapel