Clearance Bargains

You can save money on the products listed here, most of which are our own. They are offered for sale at a reduced price because they are discontinued, uncollected, returned by the carrier as unclaimed, or judged by our staff as “imperfect.” This term should not be taken too literally, however, as we often have customers call us after their order has arrived to ask us where the imperfection is because they cannot find it themselves!

Please remember that we are a full-service professional company that is open to serving our customers six days-seventy-two hours each week. If you have questions about any item, just call us at 818 889 3856. We are here from 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, and our helpful and knowledgeable staff will be very pleased to assist you.

Great Products, Great Prices!

As the quantities of these goods on hand are very limited, they are not linked to our standard shopping cart system. So to check availability and order just call us on 818 889 3856 or, if you prefer, e-mail us at and we will physically check availability for you, and advise you about shipping, etc.

This is a great opportunity to buy fine products at discount prices. Don’t miss it.


Meijin PRO White, Karate Pants Only, Perfect Condition.

SizeMeijin PRO PantsRegular PriceSpecial Price
5.5Meijin PRO Pants$59.00$49
6Meijin PRO Pants$59.00$49
6.5Meijin PRO Pants$59.00$49
7Meijin PRO Pants$59.00$49
8Meijin PRO Pants$61.00$49
9Meijin PRO Pants$61.00$49
These 100% white cotton canvas, professional quality Meijin PRO original format karate pants are in perfect condition. Pants tends to wear our quicker than jackets, especially if you practice Goju Ryu or Uechi Ryu, so a second pair of pants can extend the life of a karate uniform considerably.

Imperfect Uniforms & Belts

SizeDescriptionRegular PriceSpecial
8Meijin PRO Pants$53.55$35
414oz Meijin PRO Jacket$75$39
914oz Meijin PRO Jacket$107.85$78
41.75 inch Meijin Satin BlackBelt$25$15
6Meijin DOJO Uniform with Beltembroidered shobayashiryu left chestblack thread kaisho$64$49
414oz Meijin PRO Jacketembroidery upper lapel mishapotherwise perfect (call for details)$89.85$39
614oz Meijin PRO Jacketsmall embroidery error on left chestotherwise perfect (call for details)$89.85$59
6.5Meijin TROPICAL Jacket$59.85$45
These uniforms and belts have slight imperfections or soiling. Call for details.
(some are discontinued items)

Meijin PRO 100% Cotton 12 ounce White Karate Pants only.

SizeProductRegular PriceSpecial Price
4Meijin PRO 12 ounce Pants$49.50
5.5Meijin PRO 12 ounce Pants$49.50
7Meijin PRO 12 ounce Pants$49.50
We discontinued the Meijin PRO 12 ounce karate uniform in favor of the then, newly introduced and revolutionary, Meijin Tropical uniform which was an instant success with our customers. The few pairs of 12 ounce pants we have in stock are in perfect condition and bargains at this price!

Meijin Champ Pants Only (Discontinued Model)

SizeItemSpecial Price
5.5Meijin Champ white 100% pants cotton $53.80
8Meijin Champ white 100% pants cotton $58.50
The Meijin Champ was discontinued shortly after we introduced the Meijin Tropical 10 ounce Cotton Canvas Uniform. These pants are new and in perfect condition.

Black Polyester Hakama -Superb Quality.

SizeKarate Uniform EquivalentRegular PriceSale Price
We discontinued these items because our original supplier closed down and we could not find a replacement that could duplicate his quality at anything like this price. Easier to care for than the older cotton types, at this price these superb quality hakama are unbeatable

Book Specials

Persimmon Wind$25.95$5.00
Eternal Spring$19.95$5.00
Shoninki Ninja Secrets$16.95$3.00
Young Samurai$16.95$3.00
Shotokan Karate: A Precise History. French language Edition$150.00$125.00
My Promise to the Master$29.95$5.00
Laoshi: Tai Chi Teachers and the Pursuit of Principle.$16.95$5.00
Self Defense for Today $13.95$3.00
Nunchaku Entrainment (In French)Dynamique$19.95$9.95
Japanese Budo Magazine
(Japanese Language Only)
These books have never been sold or used but have served only as publisher's samples. The low prices asked do not necessarily reflect their condition, and in most cases we only have one copy of each.