Encyclopedia of Goju Ryu 10


Morio Higaonna Sensei presents applications of the Kata Seisan and Suparinpei. Higaonna Sensei Goju Ryu 10th Dan Hanshi was designated a “Living Intangible Cultural Asset of Okinawa” in 2012 by the Okinawan Government. Running time 60 minutes.







This is the last section of the Goju Ryu Encyclopedia that, with the Goju Ryu Technical Series and Power Training by the same author, presents the entire Goju Ryu karate syllabus as it was systemized by Chojun Miyagi. Seisan and Suparinpei are advanced kata, and the author explains and demonstrates them in great detail. These programs by Morio Higaonna Sensei are the most comprehensive reference work on the subject available, by the instructor who is widely recognized as the most outstanding Goju Ryu exponent of his generation.

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