Encyclopedia of Goju Ryu 7


Encyclopedia of Goju Ryu 7

This program has three parts which are presented by Higaonna Sensei personally. These are the three fundamental kata of Goju Ryu karate: Sanshin, the dynamic tension kata that develops power, concentration and karate related muscle groups.



This professionally made DVD is in three sections which are demonstrated and explained by Higaonna Sensei himself. The kata Sanchin, literally “three battles,” is common to Okinawan karate styles whose origins can be traced to the Fuchow region of China. Its purpose is to prepare the student for combat by creating an iron body through severe training. TENSHO is: “…to develop good posture and form, correct breathing methods, and correct harmonization of breathing with one’s movements.” — KAKIE: As the author points during his lecture: “A fight starts with punching and kicking, but always ends at close range.” Goju Ryu fighters are famous for their ability to devastate opponents at short range with locking, breaking, and throwing techniques. It is the study of KAKIE-the push hands methods of training that develops this ability.

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