Encyclopedia of Goju Ryu 8


Morio Higaonna Sensei shows in detail the applications of the kata Gekki Sai, Saifa, Seiyunchin & Shisochin in order to overwhelm and defeat an opponent. Running time 50 minutes.



The originators of karate knew that mastery of the fighting method came from the perfection of the kata coupled with a profound understanding of their applications, and they jealously guarded this knowledge from outsiders. In the modern karate movement that developed following the public debut of the art, what little was known of the kata applications or bunkai was almost lost in the rush to make karate a sport.  The author emphasizes that Goju Ryu karate is still firmly based on training methods that are as traditional as they are practical. This program presents a detailed analysis of the applications of the Gekki Sai kata, Saifa, Seiyunchin and Shisochin.

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