Spring Karate Seminars in Okinawa after 2 Years – Dynamic and Fun!

Spring Karate Seminars in Okinawa
  • Start Date:2022/05/15 10:00 amEnd Date:2022/05/24 11:00 am
  • Place:3975 Ruby Drive Varnell GA 30756
  • Event Category: CelebrationEventsOkinawa 2020

Spring Karate Seminars in Okinawa

…have been an established custom with us since 2010. They are greatly anticipated by all serious karate enthusiasts because the weather is comfortably warm, the ocean emerald green, and the sky a cobalt blue backdrop decorated with puffy white clouds. Spring 2022 will be the tenth anniversary of our Okinawa Seminar Program (1910-1920) postponed due to the global pandemic. We will be training at the beautiful Okinawan Prefectural Budokan in Onoyama Park with the greatest karate masters in Okinawa from all styles. As always, we will be living in fully furnished apartments in the downtown Asato district close to Kokusai Dori, the entertainment and shopping area of Naha City.
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Okinawa Prefectural Hall of Martial Virtue (Budokan).