Fighting Arts International #55


Fighting Arts International Magazine

● Kill or Be Killed.
● Kanazawa’s Karate
● The Yin & Yang of it All
● The Truth About Kempo
● Traditional Wado Ryu Karate.
● Aikido Stability and Mobility
● The Martial Art of the Ninja



Fighting Arts International Magazine

…was published from the 1970s to the 1990s and was, in its time, the only serious journal on karate in particular, and martial arts in general. It attracted the best writers, had correspondents in Japan, and was published by Terry O’Neill, one of the most accomplished and successful Shotokan karate exponents of his generation. As a result of a series of excellent articles by Graham Noble, which were years ahead of their time, European readers were introduced to the Okinawan karate masters who who had been largely forgotten in Japan, and at that time were completely unknown in the West. Thus a window onto the true history of the art was opened for the first time, and the truth revealed!

These are collectors items in good and in many cases in excellent condition.