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Embroidered Karate Belt Goju Ryu

On May 30th, 1930, a Martial Arts Demonstration was held in Tokyo to celebrate the ascension of the new emperor. Chojun Miyagi Sensei sent his top student, Jin’an Shinzato, to demonstrate their form of karate perhaps because he suffered terribly from sea-sickness, and did not want to make the long sea journey for a single event.

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 After a powerful performance of Sanchin and Sesan, Shinzato was asked the name of his style, which at that time they referred to only as TI or fist.
On his return to Okinawa, Jin’an  Shinzato told his teacher about this, and Miyagi Sensei decided that they needed a name for their karate.“Within the text of the Bubishi there are eight Kenpo Haku (martial poems). A line from one of these reads: “Ho go ju dento” (the way of inhaling is hardness and softness). Given the nature of Miyagi’s style, containing as it did hard and soft techniques with a strong emphasis on breathing, GOJU seemed to be an ideal name. 


• Available in calligraphy styles Kaisho (semi-formal) and Gyosho (cursive style). When you order please choose  the position of the embroidery on the left chest of the jacket or on the lower lapel of the jacket above the manufacturer’s label. If you have a special requirement please call us on 818 889 3856.

• Our designs are hand-digitized by our own staff, stitch by stitch. They are then under-sewn before the design is completed using heavy-duty Japanese industrial sewing     machines.

• We use only the highest quality materials from manufacturers in Japan and Germany.

• Our service is fast and accurate: we normally ship within 7–10 days of receipt of your order, often much sooner.

• Guaranteed accurate FREE Japanese translations and no “set up” charges saving you as much as $65 per uniform.

• We use ONLY Grade A German Dacron thread in the colors: very red, traditional Japanese gold, jet black, platinum white, gold or silver luster, blue, navy or midnight blue, & brown.

• Custom design service: please call, 1 (818) 889-3856.

• FREE UNIFORM EMBROIDERY service up to a value of $15 per uniform. Please use the embroidery coupon when you check out. The majority of our designs cost just $15 so for purchasers of new Meijin uniforms, it’s FREE

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Gyosho, Kaisho


very red, traditional Japanese gold, jet black, platinum white, gold luster, silver luster, blue, navy blue, midnight blue, brown.


Left Chest, Lower Lapel