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These two characters, Sun and Originate mean Japan to people in the Orient. How is this?

Well, if you were a Chinese person looking to the East from the Chinese shoreline in the morning you would see the sun rise from the ocean, or originate from the East, so Japan was the “origin of the sun.” Depending on what dialect of Chinese you spoke, your pronunciation of these characters sounded like “Yerpen” to Westerners who mispronounced it as Japan the Land of the Rising Sun. 



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Our designs are hand-digitized by our own staff, stitch by stitch. They are the under-sewn through high quality backing material before the design is sewn using Japanese made industrial embroidery machines.

• We use only the highest quality materials supplied by manufacturers in Japan and Germany.

• Fast, accurate service: we normally ship within 7–10 days of receipt of your order, often much sooner.

• Guaranteed accurate, FREE Japanese translations and no “set up” charges.

• Colors of the Grade A quality German Dacron thread we use include: very red, traditional Japanese gold, jet black, platinum white, gold or silver luster, blue, navy or midnight blue, & brown.

• Custom design service: please call, 1 (818) 889-3856.

• FREE EMBROIDERY service on all newly purchased Meijin uniforms up to a value of $15 per uniform.

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Gyosho, Kaisho


Black, Japanese Gold, Red, White, Gold Luster, Silver Luster, Navy Blue, Midnight Blue, Brown


Left Chest, Lower lapel.