Label Removal


Removing Labels

Customers sometimes ask us to remove the manufacturer’s label if they have a long name they want to have embroidered on a uniform, or if they want both sides of their belt embroidery designs to “balance.”



Removing the Manufacturer’s Label

For example, if they have their name embroidered on one side of the belt, and their style on the other, if both are approximately the same length, they will look very sharp. If this show you want us to embroider your order, please let us know how much space we should leave below the embroidered design/s and the end of the garment.

If you would like us to unpick the stitching and remove the label from your belt or uniform, there will be a charge of $2.00 per label. Please note: When the label has been removed from a uniform or belt, that item cannot be returned for exchange or refund.