Matsubayashi Ryu Vol. 2


This video program presents the first kata of the Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu karate syllabus up to Naihanchi Sandan, performed by the son of the Founder assisted by senior instructors, Makishi and Taira. Running time 56 minutes, filmed on location at the Suiho En Japanese Garden.



Each kata is performed at full speed and then shown in slow motion. The most important technical points are then explained by Nagamine Sensei, and the applications of the fundamental techniques demonstrated by all three instructors.

Key issues discussed include the development of explosive striking power, the most vulnerable targets to attack, and the differences between applications as performed the kata, and their use in realistic self-defensive situations.

Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu is based in part on the teachings of Choki Motobu, Chotoku Kyan and other Okinawan karate pioneers. The genius of the Founder, Shoshin Nagamine, was in drawing together the most refined elements of each school and creating from them his unique style of karate.

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