Meijin Karate Uniforms-Out of This World!

When you buy your Meijin uniform you are buying the accumulated knowledge and experience of our staff, some of whom have worked for our company since it was founded in 1968. Half a century of designing and making uniforms, visiting textile factories all over the world to source raw materials, developing size charts for the American market, procuring the best and strongest embroidery needles threads from German manufacturers. The end result is Meijin: Karate uniforms that are comfortable, durable, and that fit really well. Premium quality Gi; that we will even embroider with  Japanese characters for  you at no extra charge!

Meijin uniforms are often compared very favorably with more expensive premium uniforms, and  they should be as in many ways they are actually better. I can tell you in confidence that in the past we have received shipments of our belts and uniforms that were accidentally labeled with another manufacturers’ brand (who charges up to double for his uniforms) for basically the same uniform, except ours fit better. Needless to say we had to send the whole container back! The lesson is, always base your decision to buy on value, fit, service and suitability for as the source maybe the same. If in doubt ask a Meijin owner!

Our service is fast, accurate, and courteous. We ship orders every day, and you can rely upon us to find the quickest and cheapest way to ship your order. Our telephone hotline is for 72 hours each week (every day except Sunday). An experienced staff member will always answer the phone and deal with you directly rather than a robot. This is especially important with custom items such as embroidered belts and uniforms, which are custom items. We are all experienced, bi-lingual, knowledgeable and devoted to our work. Even the best products fail unless they are supported by reasonable prices and fast delivery!

Meijin Karate Uniforms
From the time our company was founded in 1968, we distributed Japanese premium karate uniforms for more than twenty years, during which time we studied them intently. The brands we represented included; Tokaido (the original, Made in Japan product, for which we were an exclusive national distributor) Mitsuboshi, Mizuno, the JKF “GI” brand, and many others. They were all excellent products, but not necessarily ideal for international students.
As the manufacturers were not willing to produce unique products for foreign markets, we decided to develop our own brand. We made a list of the improvements our customers wanted, then consulted leading karate instructors and asked them for their suggestions. Fumio Demura Sensei asked for the waist ties to be longer, and for three loops to be sewn on the front of the pants, instead of the standard single loop to keep the cord positioned during training. Morio Higaonna Sensei wanted the pants re-designed so they were wider and cut straighter. 

We received a large numbers of suggestions from instructors of this calibre and incorporated them all into the design of today’s Meijin uniform. The result is a really traditional karate uniform that is comfortable, tough, well-fitting but that allows greater freedom of movement during training. Add to this, FREE Japanese embroidery when you purchase a new Meijin uniform, and you have a product that is as good as the very best of the “legacy” brands at half the price!
After everything was done we realized that we needed a name that to experienced karateka would really transmit the concept that we started out with, an amazing uniform for an equally amazing price. In Japanese the word Meijin is made up of two characters,  “mei” which means “known” or reputation and  “jin,” a person. Combined, they mean a true expert, a master. So we chose Meijin, an appropriate name for a uniform that soon developed, and has maintained, a world-wide reputation!


Dojo Discounts

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If you want to save money without compromising quality or speed of delivery, place your dojo orders for uniforms and student belts with us, and get a 10% discount, save money on your shipping, and still get super fast service and free embroidery on your uniforms. You can combine any type of Meijin uniform with student belts for your discount. For dojo orders please call us on 818 889 3856 to discuss your requirements In this way we can work out the very best way to serve you. We can also be reached at

Sweat more during Peace, bleed less during War.
― Sun Tzu, 546 – 496 BC

Meijin Uniform Development
We asked Goju Ryu Karate legend, Morio Higaonna Sensei, 10th Dan Goju Ryu Hanshi, how we could improve the Meijin uniform. His suggestion was that we make the waist strings longer and the pants straighter cut with a tailored crotch gusset. Of course, we followed his suggestions.

Meijin's Success
“What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.”
― Sun Tzu, 546 – 496 BC
The Art of War.
Meijin Uniform Development
Uechi Ryu star instructor, Shinyu Gushi, Uechi Ryu 9th Dan asked us to change the direction of the weave in the shoulder lining material to improve longevity.

“I ordered my Meijin Pro Gi on Saturday and had my last name embroidered on i…My wife sent me a pic yesterday while I was at work. She was holding my new Gi in her hands! You guys embroidered and shipped my Gi so fast! I can't believe I got it around 30-36 hours after I ordered it! Well done! I tried it on and am in love with the fit! Thanks for being on the ball!"

Alden G

I was extremely surprised at how quickly this was delivered, especially considering I had the embroidery done. The Gi itself (Meiji Tropical) is absolutely fantastic and the best I have ever owned…To top it off, I’ve already received compliments on the great snap it achieves while doing forms. Thank you for the great service and for the great uniform.

James W Hayes

“I don’t know how you do it!
Any order large or small with custom embroidery and in less than two weeks the order is sitting on my doorstep on the East Coast!
This is the norm rather than the exception and has been for over 20 years for my school. Thank you again!” Okinawa Martial Arts Center, Tenchi Dojo. Owner and Chief Instructor

Mickey Brock

Meijin Guide to Fit & Uniform Dimensions

Jacket & PantsSS

Use the table above and the chart below to compare the size of your current uniform with the Meijin dimensions (A-N) to determine the best size/fit for you!

Important Notice

The sizes shown in inches are approximate and can vary slightly as a result of manufacturing procedures and conversions from the metric system used by our factory to the American measurements shown here.
The second chart below is for your guidance only. It does not take into account personal preferences as far as fit is concerned.
Please note that Meijin uniforms are “full cut” for user comfort and performance. In other words, unlike so many other makers, we do not skimp on fabric to save money 


The chart below is for your guidance only. It does not take into account personal preferences as far as fit is concerned.