Meijin Uniform Ties


Difficult to find, 100% cotton replacement uniform ties in sets of 5 pieces, (1 long waist string and 4 jacket side-ties) in black or white.

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Meijin Uniform Ties-If you train hard there will come a time when the uniform ties either fray to the point of being difficult to tie, or get torn off. Meijin uniforms last a long time so if you don’t want to throw away your well worn but comfortable keikogi, you can breath new life into it by replacing the jacket and pants ties.

This is a set of five pieces in black or white cotton, 4 jacket ties and the long pants cord.

These ties are supplied by our factory and exactly match the originals, in fact they are usually from the same batch of uniforms. They are generously cut, resist fraying and will obviously last as long as the originals.

We originally ordered these from the factory because when we ripped our own ties we just could not find the replacement woven tape either in local stores or on the Internet, unless we were willing to buy vast quantities. The simple solution was to order extra tape when we manufacture uniforms and the problem was solved.

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Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in

White, Black