Nakamura Ryu Batto-jutsu


Taizaburo Nakamura Sensei was an instructor in swordsmanship at the Japanese Military’s pre-war Toyama school who would survive countless physical conflicts in WWII as a member of the Nanpo Kirikomi Tai, an elite special forces group armed principally with swords.



This program was professionally filmed in Yokohama, Japan, and is entirely in Japanese. However, its tight organization and logical progression make it suitable for all students. Nakamura Sensei’s  combat experience caused him to revise his practical style of swordsmanship which thereafter was referred to as Nakamura Ryu. It is best known for its practical testing of technique on target that resemble the human torso, for example a heavy  3″ green bamboo core wrapped with layers of tatami matting soaked in water. Nakamura Sensei was also highly regards as a calligrapher and explained that the eight basic strokes used in formed Japanese characters were the inspiration of his Happo Giri eights cuts sword method.

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