Buddhist Meditation Beads


Traditional style, unisex stretch Buddhist wrist beads “Juzu” for meditation, protection and good fortune. Beautiful, meaningful and full of ancient symbolism.

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108 semi-precious dark brown 6mm diameter beads with separators in amber and crimson terminating in a “T-bead” and fancy knot. Length 22″.

It was Higaonna Sensei who told us that the Goju Ryu kata, Suparinpei, refers to the number 108. This set me thinking seriously about the number 108 as it occurs in so many branches of oriental philosophy and religion. For example, Yogi believe that perfect breath control (Pranayama) involves taking just 108 breaths in the 24 hour cycle, and that this is a precursor to enlightenment. In the Chinese fictional classic, The Water Margin: Outlaws of the Marsh, there are 108 bandits who feature in the story. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is never without his mala of 108 beads that he wears on his left wrist.
In Japan, as the New Year breaks, the bells of Buddhist temple are tolled 108 times, and Buddhists believe there are 108 virtues we should cultivate, and 108 sins or mortal desires that we must avoid.

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