Dynamic Kicking Method


By Masafumi Shiomitsu the former captain of the Nihon University Karate Team, Tokyo, the largest university in Japan. Size 6″ x 9″ 128 pages featuring everything from stretching and preparatory exercises to training with iron clogs.



Shiomitsu Sensei was known for his powerful kicking technique that seemed to materialize just an instant before impact. His front mawashi geri in particular was especially dangerous as, rather than following a wide, sweeping, and easy to avoid or block arc, his kicking foot would start at knee level then viciously arc upwards with amazing speed to hit his opponent in the lower abdomen or chest. You just knew he was going to do it, but nobody seemed to be able to stop it!  

Dynamic Kicking Method is not simply a technical guide, but an approach to kicking that includes mental state, physical preparation, development of technique and successful application.
The book includes a Preface, Foreword, Curriculum Vitae, About the Author, The Way of Karate Do and the Importance of Etiquette, Guide to Bowing, Breathing and Za Zen, Stretching and Preparatory Exercises, The Legs as Weapons, Striking Points, Towards Better Kicks, Mae-Geri Front Kick, Mawashi-Geri Roundhouse Kick, Sokuto Geri Side Kick, Ushiro Geri Back Kick, Ura Mawashi Geri, Reverse Roundhouse Kick, Kakato Geri Heel Kick, Hiza Geri Knee Kick, Mikazuki Geri Crescent Kick, Sutemi Waza Sacrifice Technique, Tetsu Geta (Iron Clogs) the ideal training aid.

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