First & Last Name Embroidery


Your first and last names, translated into Japanese and embroidered, usually onto the lower lapel of the jacket of your new Meijin Uniform. Please select the color of thread you would like us to use and apply the coupon CODE  HWBJK2VP when you check out and this service will be discounted by $15 from the total cost of ($25).

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Use our Japanese embroidery service and we will translate your full name into katakana (phonetic) script to render the sound in Japanese as close to the English as possible. While this is not an exact science, and sometimes different characters can be used to create the same sound, we are very experienced in this area and native Japanese speakers will be able to read and pronounce your name correctly. This design reads, SMITH.

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very red, traditional Japanese gold, jet black, platinum white, gold luster, silver luster, blue, navy blue, midnight blue, brown.


Lower Lapel

Calligraphy Style

Gyosho, Kaisho