Functional Karate


From Tak Kubota, the internationally famous police tactics specialist, this DVD includes defenses to  grabbing, trapping and blocking techniques, choke-holds escapes, pain compliance and its use in self-defense. The author is credited with the development of the Kubotan Keychain and the PR-24 Police Baton. ®



Functional Karate.

Functional Karate by International Karate Association Chief Instructor Takayuki Kubota is a legendary figure. He is a former diplomatic bodyguard, police instructor, and special tactics advisor to the FBI and DEA. Kubota is credited with the development of the PR-24 side-handled police baton and the Kubotan Keychain® as well as a host of self-defense, restraint and submission methods that are in daily use by police officers around the world. He trains Hollywood personalities for action screen roles, has himself appeared in numerous motion pictures, and was even the subject of a biographical strip cartoon in a popular Japanese magazine.
In this aptly named presentation, instructor Kubota demonstrates his self-defense system and explains in detail what makes it so effective. Well organized and fast-moving, this professionally produced program has useful instruction for everyone from the beginner looking for basic defensive techniques, to the experienced professional seeking to broaden his knowledge. Professionally filmed in a lakeside dojo set in a beautiful Japanese Garden, includes narration and music soundtrack. Running time 50 minutes

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