Ken Zen Ich’i Nyo


Ken Zen Ich’i Nyo-The Fist and Zen are one.

In English the direct translation these Karate Dojo Scrolls is: The Fist and Zen are One. The meaning usually given to this is, the mind, will or consciousness ZEN, should be completely synchronized with the fist or KEN, for success to be achieved. This  could be viewed as meaning long term hard training leading to automatic, intuitive and therefore, effective response.



Karate Dojo Scrolls

We must remember that, despite those who claim that Zen is connected with, or even the foundation of martial arts training, Zen theologians will tell you that the connection is at best, minimal. Nonetheless, the scroll is inspirational and beautiful and therefore suitable for any training area be it a dojo or your garage!

On our dojo scrolls are written maxims of particular significance to all martial artists. They remind us of the core principles governing our training and how we should live our lives. Rest assured that they are guaranteed 100% accurate translations that will bring credit to your dojo!

After years of research, we discovered the best way to reproduce calligraphy scrolls is to use a commercial Japanese twelve color art printer that uses special pigments, not toners. This gives a permanent image with an “organic” look rather than toners’ shiny plastic appearance. Our karate dojo scrolls look just the same as those found in Japan and Okinawa. (Please see photo of the Higaonna Dojo in Naha, Okinawa).

Printed on the best quality, coated, heavyweight art card size 11” x 17,” they are shipped flat between boards to prevent creasing.

Matted with a simple off-white mat, and mounted in a standard size thin black frame you can buy from any handicraft store, they make beautiful decorations for the dojo, home  and/or gifts for friends!

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions17 × 11 × 2 in