Kuramoto Goju Ryu Seminars & Grading at The Tenchi Dojo.


Kuramoto Seminars:

Our senior instructor will be Kuramoto Sensei, Goju Ryu 8th Dan, a senior at the Higaonna Dojo in Naha, Okinawa, who has been a student of Morio Higaonna Sensei for more than 40 years.
Masakazu Kuramoto was born on the island of Yonaguni, far to the south of the main island of Okinawa. He moved to the Japanese mainland for his education, where he graduated from high school in Nagasaki.
He then studied economics at Meiji University in Tokyo-a highly regarded educational institution founded in 1881. It was at this time that Kuramoto Sensei began his karate training with Higaonna Sensei at the infamous Yoyogi Dojo in Tokyo.
At the age of twenty-seven, he returned to his homeland of Okinawa and went to work as the personal secretary to the Governor of Okinawa (1978 – 1990) Junji Nishime.
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Kuramoto Seminars.

When Governor Nishime left office, his personal returned to an executive position in private industry. Kuramoto Sensei’s teaching schedule is intense as he regularly trains students in Russia, South America, Australia. He is also a great favourite of the students we take to Okinawa for the Classical Fighting Arts training events every year.
His own teacher is widely regarded as one of the best karate men in the world, an instructor who was awarded the title of Living Intangible Cultural Treasure of Karate in 2013 by the Okinawan Government. Therefore, his level of karate is exceptionally high
His regular training in hojo-undo has made him extremely fit and strong, and his basics and kata are superb. He also trained with Shuichi Arakaki Sensei who was a student of Chojun Moiyagi and a contemorary og Higaonna Sensei’s teacher An’ichi Miyagi
More to the point, he has the reflexes, speed and instincts of a fighter who has clearly been moulded by the traditional karate training process.
If you were not already persuaded, Kuramoto Sensei also has a well developed, wry sense of humor. This, while not immediately evident, really does exist below his stoic and rather foreboding exterior.

Purpose of the Kuramoto Seminars
Our events are designed to make world-class instruction available to all karate exponents in North America seeking a higher level of knowledge and karate ability. All classes are taught by highly respected, experienced, and technically superb instructors whose teaching is often described as inspirational.
We also include Q&A sessions at designated times to so students can discuss their training and the technical aspects of karate freely with their instructors.
Entrance is open to all regardless of style, affiliation, grade or experience. The whole purpose of these events is for serious karate students to come together to enjoy training with the top instructors in the world and also network with their contemporaries!

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