Meijin Pro Karate Belt


The Meijin cotton black belt is sewn over a cotton felt inner core with ten lines of  continuous stitching for stability and strength. This belt is an absolute classic and when we custom embroider these belts with the Class A imported German embroidery Madera thread that we use they become works of art.

Meijin Custom Belt Embroidery.
Any type of belt can be embroidered, and they all look really great when done well. Please use the selection boxes below to customize your new belt!

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The Meijin PRO Karate Belt.

The Meijin PRO 1.75 inch cotton belt is the result of  years of researching the best materials and methods in our quest to produce the perfect karate belt. A belt that was stable, long lasting and good looking. One that showed character and maturity after long, hard use. The result was the Meijin belt in the 1.75″ width with 10 lines of stitching.

This looks and feels like karate belts that cost more than twice as much, but do not perform as well in actual use. A belt that will serve you faithfully for many, many years. Our belt construction methods & materials are chosen to stabilize and enhance Japanese belt embroidery, something that our company is very famous for.

The unique look of a well-used, embroidered silk belt is particularly desirable! Especially when the characters are expertly translated and sewn.

Sizes:  3=94”; 4=102”; 5=110”; 6=118”; 7=126”; 8=134”; 9=142”.

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