Meijin Senpai Karate Belt


Meijin Custom Belt Embroidery.

The Meijin Senpai Belt, like the belts worn by many of the karate pioneers, is less stiff, easier to tie, and less likely to come undone during training. This is a belt that will serve you well for many, many years. Of course, we can also custom embroider your belt at an extra charge, and we carry out basic translations for embroidery customers at no extra charge.
About translations and embroidery, around 80% of the belt and uniform translations we see from other companies are incorrect, so please consult us if you need this service. Here is an excellent article about translating English-Japanese-English, and the pitfalls the amateur translator can encounter.

Meijin Custom Belt Embroidery.
Any type of belt can be embroidered, and they all look really great when done well and the Senpai belt is no exception. Use the selection boxes below to design your custom belt! If you don’t need custom embroidery, select the size and color of your belt, add your height and weight and then jump straight to the “Add to cart” box!


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According to the Kodokan Judo Academy in Tokyo, Jigoro Kano, (1860-1938). the founder of Judo started the use of colored belts for different grades or ability levels
Kano Sensei, in his youth, studied Kito-Ryu jujutsu. Later, by absorbing techniques from other schools such as Yoshin Ryu, he created Judo (柔道) as a physical activity for all people, from Yawara, the ancient samurai method of violently subduing an armed enemy.
When Kano was a jujutsu student, instructors wore strong jackets decorated with diagonal lines of stitching similar to a modern kendo jacket. The color and sometimes the degree of elaboration of the stitching would distinguish the instructor’s rank and experience.
Kano’s idea was to create an art that everyone could practice regardless of income, social status, or gender. Buying expensive new training jackets at every promotion was beyond most people, so he substituted a colored belt instead to denote the wearer’s ability.


Meijin Senpai Karate Belt

Meijin Senpai Karate Belt is the result of our research over an extended period.

For years we searched for the optimum materials and methods that would produce the perfect karate Belt of the type that was worn during the Golden Age of Karate when karate belts were softer and easier to tie.
A belt that was stable, long lasting, good looking, and able to take embroidery well. One that also showed character and maturity after long and faithful use.
The result is our new Senpai belt in the 1.75
width with 10 lines of stitching.

This looks and feels like karate belts that cost more than twice as much from other suppliers, but that do not perform as well in actual use.
It has become the immediate choice of instructors who like a wider belt that offers a a more stable and attractive background for custom embroidery.

Sizes: 1=78”; 2=86”; 3=94”; 4=102”; 5=110”; 6=118”; 7=126”; 8=134”; 9=142”.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
Belt Size

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9