Meijin Tropical Uniform.


Meijin Tropical Uniform

The Meijin Tropical uniform is our best selling product in many areas of the US and overseas, especially  in the summer time and in locations that enjoy a sub-tropical climate. When the textile mill first showed us the 10-ounce cotton canvas they had developed, we knew we had to use it. (Continues below).

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Meijin Tropical Uniform:

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This 10 ounce fabric was stronger than cotton twill, had really sharp snap and the strength of traditional high quality canvas. However, this is canvas that is specifically and appropriately woven of cotton fibers that are ideal to be worn next to the skin, not made into backpack and truck covers as is the case with so many other brands.

Before the advent of computer-driven looms, it was almost impossible to weave canvas to this quality because the level of consistency and accuracy required was practically impossible to achieve, particularly with the large “makes” or quantities of fabric that we need to manufacture at one time to ensure the best quality control from shipment to shipment.

The latest Japanese looms coupled with advanced computer technology have significantly improved the fabric quality if the weaving loom formulas are carefully designed, and thoroughly tested. |
Our research has resulted in this 10 ounce “Tropical” type canvas which combines the strength and quality of a heavyweight canvas without its bulk, weight, and demanding care regime as far as washing, drying and ironing are concerned.

“Tropical” canvas is really finely woven but strong and “snappy,” and does not cling when wet. It also washes easily and dries quickly, particularly important for the members who train with us in Okinawa where the heat and humidity can sometimes be a real challenge!

The Meijin Tropical Plus Uniform is a very substantial upgrade from our original Tropical uniform.

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions14.125 × 12 × 4 in

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Tech. Info

If you are looking for a low cost, high quality, lighter weight uniform with the strength, style, and snap that only high-quality canvas can offer, the Meijin Tropical is what you need. Similarly, suppose you simply want something more comfortable to train in when you need to combat high temperatures, high humidity, and excessive perspiration. In that case, you now have the answer: the Tropical karate uniform by Meijin.
When you consider that for less than $100, you can buy a professional quality canvas uniform with your style or name embroidered on it in Japanese, this has to be the best value ever available.
Meijin Tropical uniforms are beautifully cut and sewn, and even with FREE Japanese custom embroidery, your uniform will generally be shipped to you within 72 hours of receipt of order.
Our uniforms are produced without compromise of any sort. We generate the textile formula given to the mill to weave the canvas cloth, and we supervise manufacture at every production stage. The factories we work with know that a quality control issue will always result in the whole shipment being returned to the factory, at their expense!

Washing Instructions

Washing Instructions
When washing karate uniforms, simple is always best. Using the “hand wash” machine cycle, (cold water) and hang drying every time you wash will keep your uniform looking good, and extend its life.

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