Muga Mushin


Muga Mushin

Muga Mushin refers to the Buddhist concept of a physical state of “No self.” As such, the body is freed of ego, awareness and devoid of obstructive thought.

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The latest in our range of kakemono for the home or dojo. Muga – is a Buddhist concept that refers to a physical state of “no self” in which the body is freed of ego and awareness. Mushin is the the mental state, in which, according to Buddhists, the mind is devoid of obstructive thought. Therefore, Muga-Mushin is the state that the warrior seeks when the mind and body are free to work together intuitively, and that exists only when training is complete and one enters the void.
In 1645 when Miyamoto Musashi wrote his Book of Five Rings he explained: “In the void is virtue, and no evil. Wisdom has existence, principle has existence, the Way has existence, spirit is nothingness.”

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