Pangai Noon (Uechi Ryu) Vol. 1 Sanchin.


This first program by Uechi Ryu Master Shinyu Gushi Sensei 9th Dan, includes the background of Pangai Noon
 karate, the performance of its signature kata,  Sanchin kata and Shime; as well as supplementary training methods and
 breaking techniques. Running Time 30 minutes.





The author of this video, Shinyu Gushi, studied with all three of Kanbun Uechi’s most prominent students; Saburo Uehara, Seiyu Shinjo, and Kanei Uechi.

The origins of Pangai Noon Karate are to be found in the training hall of Master Chou Tze Hou (1874–1926) of Fukien Province, China. Awarded a teaching certificate by Master Chou in the Spring of 1904, his Okinawan student, Kanbun Uechi, introduced the art to his homeland in the early part of the twentieth century. Shinyu Gushi, the author of this series of programs is a student of the most prominent students of the Founder, he thus acquired the art of Pangai Noon Karate directly and in its entirety from the best possible sources. Pangai Noon is a fierce and devastating art that has as its goal self-preservation. Scorning modern developments that have made karate more popular at the cost of combat effectiveness, it is a vestige of more turbulent times when justice was upheld by men with fast hands and fierce eyes!

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