Pangai Noon (Uechi Ryu) Vol.5


In this program Shinyu Gushi Sensei demonstrates; preparatory and supplementary exercises, fighting strategy, the development of a powerful grip, how to condition the fists and fingers, strength training with a partner, Sanchin, as well as the breaking of hard objects with the hands, toes, and shins. Professionally produce on location in a dojo set in a beautiful Japanese garden.



Pangai Noon Karate

Karate first came to the attention of the world when a Japanese military doctor noticed that a number of Okinawan recruits had physiques very different from the average recruit. Powerfully built and physically tough, their suitability as soldiers at a time when Japan was building its first modern army led to the introduction of karate into the educational system in the earliest years of the 20th century.  Since that time the practice of karate had been embraced by people of all nations, and it is therefore ironic that, strength training and body conditioning, the aspects of the art that led to its discovery, have been almost completely lost to all but a few of its most senior masters. This video reveals the deepest and most ancient secrets of karate. How to develop irresistible power, how to forge weapons from the hands & feet, and perhaps, most important of all, how to develop the will to overcome anything through the austere and frequently mysterious training methods of traditional karate.

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