Pangai Noon (Uechi Ryu) Vol. 2 Primary Methods & Kata


This excellent presentation by Shinyu Gushi Sensei 9th Dan, includes Zenkosoku Shomen Geri; Hiji Zuki; Mawashi Zuki; Wa Uke; Sukui Age Uke Gedan Barai; Hajiki Uke; Wa Uke Kamae; Shomen Hajiki; Koi No Shippo; Koi No Shippo-Yoko; Watari Uke; Fumikomi Harai Sukui Age Harai; Suegoshi Hijitsuki. Kata: Kanshiwa, Kanshu, Seichin with
 Yakusoku Kumite.



Until 1927, when he was asked to protect fellow Okinawan textile workers in Wakayama, Japan, from elements of organized crime, Kanbun Uechi refused to teach or demonstrate his fighting art. What he had learned in Southern China from the noted master of Tiger Boxing Chou Tsu Ho, he kept secret for reasons he would not even discuss. It was only his obligation as a martial artist to protect the weak and punish those who so cruelly oppressed them that brought about a change of heart.
Teaching a few select students in absolute secrecy, he produced fighters the most daring gangsters would not oppose, bringing tranquility to his countryman, and ensuring the survival of an art that had seemed doomed to extinction.
In this second part of his series Shinyu Gushi, 8th Dan, shows us the fundamental methods of the style and its first three forms, the third with yakusoku kumite. Trained by the son and senior students of Kanbun Uechi, Gushi sensei maintains the tradition of the founder by teaching Pangai Noon as an art exclusively for self-defense.Running time 30 minutes.

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