Shindo Jinen Ryu Vol. 2


This is a powerful and fascinating story, illustrated with the rare photographs and demonstrations by the son and senior students of Yasuhiro Konishi,  one of karate’s foremost pioneers. Running time 55 minutes, professionally filmed and produced in a major TV facility.



The founding fathers of 20th century Karate were Chojun Miyagi, Choki Motobu, Kenwa Mabuni, Gichin Funakoshi, and Yasuhiro Konishi. Under their guidance, the Okinawan martial art of karate went through an intense period of development from which emerged a purely Japanese form. In the post-war years, university students in Tokyo added a competitive element to karate that allowed it to escape the confines of its culture and become competitive. This development marks the completion of its metamorphosis from an Okinawan martial art to an international sport.

This program includes: the history of the Shotokan and Ryobukai karate schools from 1930 into 1955. This includes  many important and previously unpublished historical photographs. Training methods; Bogyo Rokkyodo (six defensive movements), Hijiate Roppo (six elbow strikes), Tegatana (Knife-hand attacks). Kata: Seiryu, Rohai, Jitte and Shushi No Kon.

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