Traditional Wooden Bead Mala


The most affordable and in some ways the most traditional mala in our range. 108 dark red wooden beads with beige and red separator beads, and a T bead with vajra (thunderbolt) to finish.

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Buddhists use strings of beads (mala) to count the mantras (sacred utterances) as they are recited. When a mala is used in this way it is referred to as ojuzu (数珠), or counting beads. Mala can also be used to request the assistance of divine power, in which case the request is repeated with every bead counted, and the mala is then referred to in Japanese as onenju, (念珠) or thought beads. Elasticated with a basic (un-stretched) length of approx. 30” this juzu be worn as a necklace or wrist wrap.

The is the mala you see most often worn in our office

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Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 2 in