Uchinadi Part II


Uchinadi 2 The Original Karate of Okinawa.

“Better even than the first in his series, this program graphically illustrates the author’s total mastery of his art!”

Includes a comprehensive technical section, as well as demonstrations of the kata; Wankan, Wanshu, Rohai and Patsai: a complete course in makiwara training and also instruction in the Sai kata, Kyan no Sai and Kishaba no Sai.



Uchinadi,  Tekobushi or Tode

…as it is known to the Okinawans, is the very essence of karate and derives its prodigious effectiveness from ultra-sophisticated body movement and the dynamic striking power of “Atifa.”
A century  ago it prompted the founder of the internationally famous publishing conglomerate, Kodansha, to remark:

“The Ryukyuans had developed through centuries of practice the peculiar art of self defense…known as tekobushi…A Ryukuan expert in this deadly art could smash every bone in the victim’e body, as if he had been attacked with a giant hammer.”

Demonstrated here by Toshihiro Oshiro, Uchinadi is for the connoisseur-a sophisticated art that combines elegant body dynamics with deadly force.
The program includes a lecture on reactive hip striking methods, punitive blocking techniques, and the destructive ultra short punch. The author also demonstrates classical versions of the kata: Naihanchi, Pinan Shodan-Godan and Wankan.

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