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Dragon Books are widely regarded as the best of their type in the world. Combining the best authors in the world with a great productions team, consistently produced books that are respected, admired, and used by martial 

artists around the world. Their timeless usefulness is supported by the use of archival quality coated paper with no “show-through,” sewn bindings and coated covers. Theye are, therefore as long-lasting as they are useful!

Shotokan Karate A Precise History

Shotokan Karate: A Precise History

A huge book of over 500 pages in A4 format, even its size does not indicate its importance as a professionally researched and produced, but very attractive reference to the development of Shotokan karate. From the birth of its Founder in 1868 until its peak in the 1980s, its development traced in painstaking details that is as gripping as the best detective story.

Shotokan Karate Advanced Kata 3

Shotokan Advanced Kata

By the “Shotokan Tiger,” Keinosuke Enoeda, one of the original graduates of Takushoku University the JKA’s special instructors' course he is one of the most famous and successful pioneers of Shotokan Karate in Europe and one noted for his very dynamic performance of the art of Shotokan Karate!

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Dynamic Kicking Method

By Masafumi Shiomitsu the former captain of the Nihon University Karate Team, Tokyo, the largest university in Japan. Size 6" x 9" 128 pages featuring everything from the correct approach to training, stretching and preparatory exercises to working out with iron clogs.

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Okinawa Karate The Exquisite Art
Shotokan Karate: A Precise History

This is a limited private edition of the book commissioned by the Okinawan Prefectural Government to celebrate the opening of the Karate Kaikan in Tomigusuku, Okinawa. An ultra high quality volume in both Japanese and English, it is distinguished by its presentation and scholarship.


The ‘Collectors’ Edition” volumes from Dragon are in a class of their own. They feature gold blocked hard covers, French sewn bindings, superb quality paper, (Pavarotti Silk) with full color dust jackets and/or library book sleeves and printed or hand-marbled endpapers. Few publishers still produce books of this quality!

They are so highly regarded that, years after publication, copies sell on the open market for many times the original purchase price. In the case of out-of-print copies of the leather bound, gold blocked, limited edition of History of Karate: Goju Ryu by Morio Higaonna, as much as ten time more than the original retail price!

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