Shotokan Karate Ad. Kata Vol. 3


Shotokan Karate Advanced Kata
…by Keinosuke Enoeda, an instructor best known as the “Shotokan Tiger.”

Volume 3 of a series of instructional kata books produced in London during the early 1980s that are universally considered the very best of their type.
Includes the Shotokan Kata: Gojushiho-Sho, Gojushiho-Dai, Nijushiho, Tekki-Sandan and Tekki-Nidan.



Shotokan Karate Advanced Kata, When the first of this series of books was released, it was described as the easiest to follow and most detailed kata book of its type. This level of quality resulted from long days in the studio followed by long nights in the darkroom as the author insisted on seeing contact sheets before the next studio session began. Any technical concerns were immediately referred to Nakayama Sensei in Tokyo at the JKA by telephone before shooting began. The result was, in the opinion of many experienced Shotokan exponents, the best books on Japan Karate Association Shotokan kata that were ever published.

Enoeda Sensei was assisted by his most famous student, many time European Kata and Kumite champion, Terry O’Neill, who also wrote the captions and appeared in the application sequences.

The book is in A4 size (8.27 × 11.69 inches) 112 pages and covers the Shotokan Kata: Gojushiho-Sho, Gojushiho-Dai, Nijushiho, Tekki-Sandan and Tekki-Nidan
Although these books were printed in 1986, they are in brand new condition and still wrapped and boxed as they came from the book bindery. These are excellent quality books that were printed by Page Bros Press in England, a company founded in 1756. They are printed on the best quality coated paper and are in “mint” condition, unmarked and perfect.



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