The Island of Budo: Shito Ryu.


The excellent historical sections and  powerful demonstrations  by Kenzo Mabuni the son of the style’s founder, give the viewer a rich and rewarding experience. A professionally produced DVD presentation, filmed on a professional soundstage, the program includes navigational menus, vintage footage from the 1920s, music and narration.



The Island of Budo: Shito Ryu

This is a masterful and comprehensive treatment of Shito Ryu, one of the most popular styles of karate by Kenzo Mabuni, the son of its founder. This program presents the five principles of defence (Uke no Go Gensoku), the eight directional responses (Tenshin Happo), the five elbows striking methods (Hiji Ate Goho). It also features the applications (Hokei Kumite) and the kata: Bassai dai, Shinsei, Chintei, Seipai, Juroku, Shihokosokun, Rohai, Tensho & Seiyunchin.



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