Uchinadi 1


Uchinadi 1

Uchinadi, Tekobushi or Tode as it is known to the Okinawans, is the very essence of karate and derives its prodigious effectiveness from ultra-sophisticated body movements and the dynamic striking power of “Atifa.” A century ago, it prompted the founder of the internationally famous publishing conglomerate, Kodansha, to remark…



Uchinadi 1

“The Ryukyuans had developed through centuries of practice the peculiar art of self-defence…known as tekobushi…A Ryukuan expert in this deadly art could smash every bone in the victim’s body as if he had been attacked with a giant hammer.”
Demonstrated here by Toshihiro Oshiro, Uchinadi is a sophisticated art for the connoisseur that combines elegant body dynamics with deadly force.
The program includes a lecture on reactive hip striking methods, punitive blocking techniques, and the destructive ultra-short punch. The author also demonstrates classical versions of the kata: Naihanchi, Pinan Shodan-Godan and Wankan.

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