Winning Competition Karate 1


Winning Competition Karate 1

Master Competition Karate with International Coaches Marutani & Igaki.
Contents: Preparation, exercises and stretching stances, basic techniques, drills for kicking, footwork, repetition training, basic and advanced combination techniques and competition strategy.
Running Time: 55 Mins



Winning Competition Karate 1

Authors Marutani and Igaki stand shoulder to shoulder with Japan’s great fighting men in upholding their country’s long and fearsome martial tradition.
Marutani is a seven year veteran of the Japanese National Karate Squad, and Igaki served as a very successful USA Karate Coach. Both are international respected coaches.
This presentation, the first of its kind, gives an entirely different view of modern karate, showing it as a method of combat with competitive applications, rather than simply a sport.
By demonstrating its direct connection with the martial arts of the past, this DVD cannot fail to change your view of competition karate for the better!

“When Marutani Sensei taught a class of much younger, international karate competitors in the U.K at the Bisham Abbey National Olympic Sports Center, many of them could not even complete Marutani’s warming up exercises before the actual class began!”

This competition karate training series has been used by national teams around the world as a basis for their international competition squad training.

Classical Fighting Arts Magazine 2008


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