Yamanni Ryu Bojutsu


A very valuable, comprehensive and culturally significant treatment of an art that was previously spoken of but very rarely seen. Running time 55 minutes, filmed on location and a professional TV sound stage in Southern California .



Yamanni Ryu, the most aristocratic of the Okinawan weapon arts, has in the past been taught exclusively to the most dedicated martial arts students, and then only by direct transmission master to student. Preserved and nurtured as a cultural treasure of Okinawa by just four senior instructors, it is presented here for the first time since its creation by a member of this distinguished group.
This video includes all fundamental techniques and training methods of Yamanni Ryu, static and dynamic, as well as the Kata; Suuji No Kun, Choun no Kun, Sho & Dai, Ryubi no Kun and Kumi Bo combat techniques.

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